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Counselling can help you make clear decisions, provide resolution, and offer impartial support when you need it most.

My name is Ellen, and I am an experienced relationship therapist at Relate with over 15 years experience, and I also work with private clients.                 

​I regularly work with clients to help them make sense of a wide variety of issues such as managing conflict, trauma, separation/divorce, infidelity, bereavement, addiction, mental health issues and I have specialist training in working with couples affected by Aspergers/Autism and depression/anxiety.

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Relationships, and the need for connection, are fundamental to our well-being, especially within a marriage or partnership.  If the relationship breaks down it can affect us very deeply and all aspects of our lives can become a huge struggle. 


Our sense of identity and self-worth often rests on the strength and stability of our couple relationship, and we can feel despair and confusion when this becomes tense or fragile.

My aim is to work together to help you rebuild the trust, honesty and intimacy within your couple relationship so that you can move forward with confidence, and make the changes you need.

To help you identify if counselling is right for you, I offer an initial 15 minute telephone consultation free of charge.

During this session, we can briefly discuss the circumstances that bring you to counselling, discuss how we can work together, and you can ask any questions or raise concerns you may have.  
At this point there is no commitment and you can think about whether you wish to continue with therapy.

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