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I follow all professional guidelines and I will not disclose/talk to anyone about the issues we discuss in session.  The only exceptions to this are as follows: -

  • when I deem a client is at risk from harm to themselves or others

  • when issues of child protection are disclosed


Domestic violence and abuse is an issue for many clients who present for therapy.  I know from my experience that in this situation, working with both partners in the same session may not be safe or appropriate.  In this case, I may offer individual sessions to each partner to assess the risk of continuing the therapy. 

If something comes up in sessions where I feel there is a need to refer you on to a more specialist service, I will discuss this with you.

Harmony Couples Therapy is committed to providing a safe environment for the therapist as well as clients, which is free from threats or acts of verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment or physical abuse.

Any incident of abuse will be addressed immediately, the session will be ended at the discretion of the therapist and no future sessions will be offered. Refunds will not be given in these circumstances.


I do not provide a crisis or emergency service for clients. In the event of an emergency arising whilst we are working together (such as experiencing suicidal thinking) I will offer appropriate support for you to access eg: contacting your GP, or nearest (A & E).  You could also call the Samaritans on 116 123 or email (email emergency support).

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